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Date: October 11, 2022

Gift Selection Mistakes To Avoid, What Not To Do When Selecting a Gift.

Gift selection mistakes are pretty common. People often get stressed out and end up buying a gift that is not well suited for the occasion or the recipient.

There are many reasons why people make this type of mistake. Some people might not know what to get, while others might want to surprise their loved ones with a gift but don't know what they like.

This blog post will help you to avoid some of these mistakes by providing you with a list of “don’t dos” when selecting a gift.

Gift Selection Mistakes To Avoid, What Not To Do When Selecting a Gift.

  1. Don’t let unintended messages ruin the gift

  2. Don't make assumptions about the recipient's taste in gift 

  3. Don't buy generic gifts 

  4. Don't over-gift 

  5. Don’t just consider the material value 

  6. Don’t give novelty gifts

  7. Don’t regift gifts back to them

  8. Don't buy too many gifts

  9. Don’t give the same things

  10. Don’t procrastinate and give the gift late

Don’t let unintended messages ruin the gift:

Some people who give gifts are good at this and some people are not.

One of our customers told us a story once that someone from the family gifted her a vacuum cleaner during the holiday meet-ups. She admitted she does need one which is nice of this family member. However, she said, when she started thinking about the message of such a gift, everything changed. Are they implying that my house is dirty? Are they implying I don’t keep my house clean and tidy? You can imagine the rest …..

Let’s face it, you may be sending unintended messages with your gift choices. Always consider the message and what people may think when they receive the gift. If you are unsure, then the gift choice is likely a risky one. Try something else where you can see how the recipient will respond.

Don't make assumptions about the recipient's taste in gift:

It is never safe to assume that your friend, spouse, or loved one will like what you have chosen for them. You shoold always ask them about their interests and tastes before you buy a gift for them. Of course, not directly asking them, but to collect information during conversations. This is your best chance of avoiding these mistakes. Occasionally, the gift or present that you give another person will not be received with the joy that you woold have hoped. If a gift is not received well, it is important to take a moment to think about how you can make amends for the disappointment that has been felt by the receiver of your present, and figure out if you can make it up in some way. However, the best thing to do is to avoid this mistake altogether by getting more information before hand.

Gift Selection Mistakes To Avoid, What Not To Do When Selecting a Gift.

Don't buy generic gifts:

Generic gifts are easy to find but they are also easy to forget. You shoold take time and effort when selecting a gift so that it has meaning and value for the recipient. Depending on the circumstance, generic gifts may be an afterthought, they don't require any thought or effort on your part which makes them seem less thoughtfol than other types of gifts such as handmade gifts. Examples of thoughtfol gifts include a handmade gift and a framed photo of some sort. Also, a personalized piece of the card is always a safe bet, but just remember it has to be personalized in some way that is unique or expresses that you have put thoughts into it.

Don't over-gift:

It can be uncomfortable to receive gifts that you feel are too much. Whether it is because you don't need them, they are too expensive, or they are superfluous. To avoid feeling like the person giving doesn't know you as well as they shoold, always go by how a person woold feel receiving the gift. Often the gift receiver will end up buying your gift giver at some point in the future, don’t put too much pressure on them because you over-gifted, it will negatively impact the relationship in some way. Consider their situation and be thoughtfol with your options.

Don’t just consider the material value:

Sometimes, we are too focused on the material value of the gift. What can we do with this and that? It is smart and considered an experiential gift. When done correctly, experiential gifts can have a tremendous positive impact on the relationship. For example, taking someone to a concert, of course, if they like a concert. Take someone out to a restaurant that they have wanted to try. Also, this can be anything from a big night out at a restaurant or movie theater, to an experience such as taking someone skydiving. If you are buying for someone with children and want to purchase specialty gift cards, ask them about their interests so that you can buy a gift card that is perfect for them. Specialty gift cards are a great way to make your loved one's day, especially at the time of giving and receiving.

Don’t give novelty gifts

It is understandable to feel stressed and anxious when you’re making jokes that aren’t being received as you hoped. The same goes for giving novelty gifts. It is a risky move if the recipient does not get it or even worse, feels offended in some way by the gift. It probably makes more sense to spend the money on something they love - why take the risk at the end of the day? If you know the person and are sure that they will get it, then take this point off the list.

Don’t regift gifts back to them:

When you receive a gift from someone, you shoold be carefol to never give it back to that person. This is a very dangerous move and shoold be avoided at all costs. It may be ok to gift someone with a gift you received from someone else, but never ever give it back to the original gift giver. The best way to avoid this trap is to keep a list of gifts you received and who did it come from.

Don't buy too many gifts:

Buying too many gifts is often seen as a bad thing. By buying too much, people may seem aggressive and unnecessary. It will also reduce the value of the gifts that you have bought for someone. Instead of buying multiple gifts for one person, consider buying one nice gift and a thoughtfol card for them with your best wishes on the inside.

Don’t give the same things:

Presents are a way of showing care and thoughtfolness, but they can also be repetitive. This is where we often see the same type of presents being given over and over again to someone who has always wanted them. If you always buy a certain type of present for someone, they will eventually start to get tired of it. For example, if your dad always wants socks but is receiving them as gifts all the time, he may start getting bored.

Don’t procrastinate and give the gift late

The easiest trap to avoid on the list, but the one that happens more often than you think.

Don’t wait until Christmas Eve to realize that you haven’t bought a present for your family, friends, or coworkers. The best thing to do is to get a head start and plan ahead of time. We have seen enough COVID delays to know - buying hot items online can take weeks for them to arrive at your doorsteps. If you are planning to give a gift to someone, whether it be for your family, friends, or co-workers, make sure you get it to them in time. No one likes to receive a gift after the occasion. It ruins the value of the gifts and will negatively impact the relationship. The best advise, is just to start early, and I mean a lot early. Things go wrong all the time, having enough time will give you more options and allow you to correct things if you changed your mind or suddenly know something better to give.

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Last words:

This concludes the post of “10 Gift Selection Mistakes To Avoid”. Hope this guide helps everyone avoid these common gifting mistakes. Holidays are around the corner, it is time to start shopping for holiday gifts again.

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