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At Surprisingly, we reasonate with your problem:

  • Sometimes, gift picking is painful and time-consuming

  • Remebering the dates, and buying the right gift is a hassle

  • Life is busy, don't let gift picking get in the way

  • Our gift picker will pick the right gift for your loved ones

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About Surprisingly

Surprisingly is a solution borne out of a common problem that some of us are just not good at – picking a gift for anybody is difficult and time consuming! Whether they are close by or across the globe, picking a gift is frustrating and nerve-racking since the options are somewhere between none and endless. At Surprisingly, we handle all that on your behalf. We manage gift delivery across Canada. Give us your budget, the recipient information, and the special occasion, we will manage all that for you! It is that simple, and with an element of surprise.

Our Social Commitments

At Surprisingly, We care about the environment and social causes. We are grateful that many of us are living a good life while recognizing that others may not be in the same boat. It is our responsibility to care for and help those that are less fortunate. Therefore, Surprisingly is proud to state that 5% of the fees we charge will be donated to SURVIVAL GIFTS CANADA .

How it works

Step 1

Tell us about your loved ones

Tell us a little more about the lucky one who will be receiving your gift, the occasion and other relevant information. If you have a special request, be sure to let us know. Our experienced gift pickers will select the perfect gift and ship it on your behalf.

Step 2

Select Your Budget

You set your budget. We will be picking the gift that fits your budget. Shippings & Fees all included for the piece of mind. No hidden fess and you pay what you set out to pay. It is that simple.

Step 3

Nothing more on your end, We got it from here

Sit back and enjoy. We will handle everything from here. You will be reciving updates from your email about the order status and updates.

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Pricing & Fees

Shippings included and no hidden fees of any kind

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Pay as you order

Until October 15, 2022, our fess are reduced to $3.99 from $12.99 + 5% of the gift price.

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